Shadows and Dreams

by Fireside Collective

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Poor Soul 03:54
Hey hey, there she goes, the girl I love but she don’t even know, But I know she will one day be the one to set my poor soul free. Poor soul free, poor soul free, she’s gonna set my poor soul free, I can see she will be the only one for me, but she don’t even know my name. Hey hey, there he goes, the man she loves but he don’t even know, But she thinks he will one day be the one to set her poor soul free. Poor soul free, poor soul free, she thinks he’s gonna set her free, Seems our problems just the same, ‘cuz he don’t even know her name. Hey hey, there she goes, the girl loves me but I don’t even know, But she thinks I will one day be the one to set her poor soul free. Poor soul free, poor soul free, she thinks I’m gonna set her free, She loves me and that’s a shame, ‘cuz I don’t even know her name!
Revelations 02:37
Oh the day will come when the rising sun In the morning will cease to show, And the distant winds that once did sing, No longer will they blow. The waves that crash will rest at last, As the rivers will fail to flow, And the flowers in the field that once were revealed, At peace nevermore to grow. The birds final song will sing so long, As the sky will seem to have fallen, And the friends so dear though they once stood near, No longer shall be callin'. The laws of the land no longer shall stand, As the big buildings crumble to the ground, And the oceans roar will reveal no more, As the shoreline speaks not a sound. And time will undo all the words that are true, Just to prove there's no truth in speaking, Philosophies of man no longer will stand, Like the countless hours spent seeking. But that day we've not met and the end let's forget, For the road winds on into tomorrow, And the time we must share like a burden we bear, For we don't know from where it is borrowed.
Crossin' country roads, o'er the lakes and endless pines, Miles and miles between me and my home. The clouds they hang so high across the great north sky, High above this land in which I roam. On my mind a girl, she's the sweetest in this world, Eyes of blue and hair that shines like gold. On my mind she'll stay, however far away, And each new day her memory I'll hold. As the clouds in the western sky grow darker, And the river starts to rise, As the rain begins to fall, your sweet love I will recall, Won't ya think of me sometime. In the middle of the night, while the moon was shining bright, In a moment all the world disappeared. The minutes felt like days when I felt her sweet embrace, And her gentle voice, all that I could hear. Now here alone and blue, just a memory of you, Like a portrait, ever on my mind. Like the eye of a hurricane, no more clouds, no more rain, A subtle spark in my souls dark night.
As the stormy winds from the sea they blow, And the ocean waves across the water roll, A lonesome lover on the shoreline waits, For her sailor to come back home, He left but a kiss and then into the night, His old wooden ship soon sailed out of sight, and on the shore remained a flickering light, From the lantern she held in her hand. She whispered my lord please don't let the sea, Take the only man I ever loved away from me, For to see such a love meet an ill fated end, Would be too much for my poor heart to bear. As he sailed unto the ocean he gazed upon the shore, For to catch a fading glimpse of his lonesome lover girl, Wonderin' if he'd ever kiss her soft lily hands, Or hold he in his arms once more. Many moons have come and gone and still no letter home, The wicked wind will toss and turn it will chill you to the bone, And every waking minute reminds her she's alone, She decides that today will be her last. So she climbs upon a cliff overlooking the sea, And shouts unto the ocean why have you forsaken me, Then she closes her eyes and she takes that leap, Sayin' I'll meet you on that golden shore.
It was late one evening, as a cold breeze did blow, as I stepped out the door, for to wander. And the snow fell soft, as a voice from behind, calling me back in time, said "don't go." But the voice like a sunset, soon faded away, and now all that remained was direction. Leading me, from the troubles in mind, to a new place in time, I did go. chorus: So long, wintry winds, you keep blowin' my thoughts far from home, So long, to the snow on the pines, to the cold winter nights, so long. As the earth, 'neath each footsep does turn, bringing warmth to the early morning spring time. I'll recall a song that the bluebird did sing, as he longed for the spring to be found. As I sit beside the fire and my thoughts carry me, long before I was free from the cold. Someone told me my son, "don't you ever let go, draw a line in the snow and start walkin'."
I've got so much time, To sit and think about these blues, Storms they won't pass by, Nothin' left to lose. When you said good-bye, the sun was sinkin' fast, the moon, behind the clouds, shadows, all that last. Gone so far away, nothin' will remain, the days that we once shared, now float into the grey. And if you think of me, or ever call my name, don't forget all that we know, is everything must change. Chorus: In the morning I'll be gone so far, gone so far from here, And in the evening don't you shed yourself a single tear, All those times are gone but they live on, somewhere in between, the Shadows and the Dreams
Late at night, when the world is still, Fog is creepin' down the hill, Condensation on my windowsill, I sit and think about you. Were you leavin' for your own sake, Were you scared my heart you'd break, If that's so, it was too late, I believed in you. As the moon, absorbs the light, Reflecting down upon my sight, A distant lamp in my dark night, I cast my thoughts to you. Though many years have come and gone, Took a while, but I moved on, A distant memory you've become, Sometimes dream about you. Stars above and earth below, Why you left, I just don't know, Why I stayed and let you go, I guess I trusted you.
No Longer 03:30
Another lonesome highway, I’m ridin’ on and on, The woman that I left behind, her name, I still do call, Everytime I turn my head, these eyes fall on the ground, For I’m standing all alone, and you’re no longer around. No longer do I hear you callin’ out my name, no more do I feel your warm embrace, Travelin’ on been gone for long and on my mind you’ll stay, but in my arms you’ll remain… No longer A broken promise darlin’, a mornin’ blue as the sea, All the colors you painted, were never quite as blue as me, Through the years I often wonder, as I sing this lonesome sound, Is the sky a little darker than before, now that you’re no longer around. And though the time has come for us to face the setting sun, The darkest dawn does bring the brighter day, All the roads we’ve walked along, the dreams we’ve dreamed, the songs we’ve sung, they’re never gone, they only fade to grey.
Another year gone by, time is still beyond grasp, Changing moments into past, only memories still last, Still we strive for a change, all our problems we arrange, Until nothing remains besides the past. But still the rain seems to fall, and that voice inside calls, Remind us that we’re all of the same, Oh together or alone, may the wind gently blow, Let the light always shine the way home. Let the light shine, let the stories be told, Let the truth follow everywhere we go, As we journey further on, it’s always darkest before dawn, Let the light always shine the way home. Another chapter begins, as the cold settles in, Winter gives way to spring one again, Though the sun always shines, soon it seems we must find, A little light, for to guide us as we go. Though the road full of winds, twists and turns drops and climb, We just need some sort of sign, on our way, Many years still to come, many races to be run, Many songs to be sung on and on.


released April 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Fireside Collective Asheville, North Carolina

Progressive folk band from the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Heavily influenced by American roots music and contemporary bluegrass, the Fireside Collective strives to create music that is both engaging and accessible. Keep your eye out for the Collective as we engage on our album release tour this summer! ... more

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